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Car Rentals:

The following recommended agencies have late-model vehicles, from sub-compact to four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles and offer high quality service and untarnished reputation.

International Flight information

U.S. carriers include American, United, Continental and Delta Airlines. LACSA is the official Costa Rican carrier. LTU, MartinAir, Mexicana, Taca, Iberia are among the international air carriers that have Costa Rica as a destination. Major U.S. cities with direct flights to Costa Rica include Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Orlando, New Orleans, Atlanta and others.

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Local Flight Information

There are two main local air carriers in Costa Rica, both with several years of experience and a wide range of destinations and flights.

Public transportation

There is a large number of affordable taxis. Bus service is readily available both inter and intra city as well as internationally. Two domestic airlines service the country well and there are a number of air taxi services as well as helicopters. The road system is somewhat primitive compared to North American standards, and an international driver's permit is not necessary.