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Yaris Superior Prado
Sentra Frontier Urvan


Grand Vitara II Automatic Suzuki Alto Grand Vitara II Manual
Montero Sport Montero 7 pax


  • Free transportation to the airport from your hotel

    This program applies whenever you want to pick up or drop off the car in any of our offices in San José, Juan Santamaría International Airport, Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia and Tamarindo. It applies to any hotel in the San José area and some places of Guanacaste, like Liberia, Conchal, Flamingo and Tamarindo. The cars may be droped off or picked up at our different offices. Regular delivery fees apply under any condition other than those above mentioned, and for minimum rentals of three days or longer.
  • Free Internet

    For a minimum car rental of three days, you will receive a coupon that can be used at our offices in Liberia or Juan Santamaría International Airport.
  • Free Cell Phone

    For local or international calls, get a free* phone whenever the rental contract of 4WD cars (DAIHATSU TERIOS are excluded) exceeds one week. No Charges on cell phone only upon your minutes used.
  • Car with driver

    To those who want to reach their destinations without complications whether your trip is pleasure or business. We count with a team of drivers who have passed a strict process of selection and trained for the complete satisfaction of our clients.
    We assure that our drivers will always be in excellent disposition and always rested, because we do not allow them  shifts longer than eight hours.

    The warranty deposit requires no credit card.
  • Gas sale at cost

    For the purpose of avoiding any difficulty finding gas stations and additional charges in case of gas shortage, Mapache Rent a Car ® offers the option of buying it at market prices at the time of sale.
  • Luggage Storage

    For your confort during your stay, we can keep your excess luggage in our offices.
  • Bilingual staff

    We have a highly trained staff proficient in at least 2 languages.


- Basic Obligatory Insurance

Basic Obligatory Insurance, which covers collision, roll over and damages to third parties and property (C.D.W). In case of damages to third parties, the Instituto Nacional de Seguros indicates that the deductible amount as stipulated in the clauses is calculated in 20% of the total damages caused to other people's property.

-Supplemental Insurance with Zero Deductible

Supplemental Insurance with zero deductible. This insurance has an additional cost of US $10.00 for any compact car and USD $12.00 for any 4x4 (except Toyota Prado, Patrol and Pathfinder for 7 passengers that is US $15.00, besides the obligatory insurance. This only applies to reservations made with a minimum rental period of three days or longer and a minimum age of 25.

-Restrictions on Supplemental Insurance with Zero Deductible

- Loss of keys, tools, detachable radio front panel.
- Accidents or damages caused to the car due to careless driving, traffic infractions, driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, along areas inaccessible to cars (rivers, beaches, swamps, or similar places); the car being driven by someone who is not authorized under the Rental - Contract terms; it does not cover assistance or travel expenses in case of damaged tires, lost keys, discharged batteries for leaving the lights on, car change in case of accident, towing or rescue expenses.
- Leaving the car in unsafe conditions, in lonely places that facilitate car THEFT.
- ZERO DEDUCTIBLE does not cover 20% of damages caused to other people’s property in case the customer has an at-fault accident.

-Third Party Property Damage Insurance.

This insurance has a cost of $3 daily and EXEMPTS the renter or additional driver authorized in the rental contract, having a collision and causing damages to other people’s property, FROM ALL CIVIL LIABILITY.

-Personal Accident Insurance. (PAI)

Mapache Rent a Car ® offers you this personal insurance that covers medical expenses when driving the authorized car, and suffering damages due to a traffic accident while inside the car, for a $3 daily fee, covering an amount of ¢3.000.000 (or US $ equivalent at current rate) in medical expenses, in the medical facilities of the Instituto Nacional de Seguros, or in the facilities assigned by this institution. In case of death due to a road traffic accident, the coverage pays up to ¢1.000.000 (or US $ equivalent at current rate).

PAI DOES NOT COVER: in case of driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs.

- Credit Card Insurance.

Auto Rental CDW Programs offered by major card issuers are accepted in Mapache Rent a Ca ®r.

  • The amount of insurance coverage has to be mentioned

Terms & Conditions


  • Minimum age of 21 and present a valid driver’s license and passport.


  • FREE mileage.


  • The car must be dropped off with the same amount of gas specified in the contract, otherwise any fuel shortage shall be charged.

Payment Methods

    • For car rental: credit card.
    • Other charges will be reflected on your rental contract.


  • Credit card required (American Express, Visa, Master Card), to make deposit.

Extra Hours

    A minimum rental period of 24 hours is required for all rentals, with a 60-minutes grace period. After such time an extra $10 rate will be charged per each hour to the renter. After 3 hours, a full-day fee will be charged.

    General Conditions

    • Daily rate applies from 1 to 6 day rental.
    • Weekly rate applies to rentals exceeding 7 days.
    • The daily rate is the amount paid for each 24 hour period.
    • All prepaid reservations are non-refound.
    • Free mileage applies to rentals exceeding 1 day.
    • All vehicles are restricted for use within the boundaries of Costa Rica.
    • Valid passport and driver’s license are required for rental.
    • *** Daily and Weekly rates + basic insurance ***
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