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Admire the strength of mother nature, and discover five beautiful waterfalls surrounded by the forest and the wildlife that live on it.

  • Serena River (102 ft)
  • Hidden (66 ft and 2 caves)
  • Rainbow (247 ft)
  • Slide (312 ft)
  • The Rock (49,21 ft)

Enjoy one hour walking in the forest with a great view to Nicoya Gulf, Cerro San José and Cerro Pelado.

Walking through the main trail

Just one block from the parking area you will find the first waterfall “Serena River”, followed shortly by “Hidden”. Roughly two hundred yards later the specatcular “Rainbow” comes into view.  “Slide Waterfall” and the last one “The Rock” are at the end of the trail which roughly covers a distance of 13 city blocks round trip. The hike is mild and appropriate for children as well.

Duration: 1 hour


Horseback Riding Tour

From Viento Fresco Waterfalls reception, start the horseback riding tour for 8 blocks until the parking area. At this point you will leave the horses and begin the 700 yard walk to the third waterfall “Rainbow”. You can take a shower in the area next to the waterfall, like a “natural pool”.

There are bathrooms and dressing rooms available, as well as tables.  Get a refreshing drind of water or just rest and enjoy the marvelous views.

You will then continue the horseback riding tour for 1 hour with the possibility of observing different animals such as: monkeys, sloths, toucans and butterflies.

During the return trip you can stop at the view point and observe Cerro Pelado, Cerro San José and the Gulf of Nicoya.

At the end of the tour you'll be offered a coffee break.

Duration: 3 hours



  • Regular - $20.00 per person
  • Children - $ 10.00 (6 to 12 years old)
  • Horseback Riding Tour - $60.00

Packages Rates

  • Pacakge 1 - Includes: Entrance, walk and lunch - $30.00 per person
  • Pacakge 2 - Includes: Entrance, guide, horse riding tour and lunch - $65.00 per person
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