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Stretching from the highest point of the country, Mt Chirripó, and the Amistad National Park on the continental divide's mountainous border, to the Corcovado National Park and the Osa Peninsula, the Southern Zone has the highest percentage of land devoted to National Parks and Forest Reserves with the greatest biodiversity of any region in the country.

A remote area with pristine forest and wonderful eco tourism opportunities, the South Pacific also offers great deep-sea fishing and diving. One of "the most biologically intense places on earth", according to National Geographic this region of Costa Rica serves up gigantic portions of adventure and nature. The Osa Peninsula will not disappoint with its array of brightly colored exotic birds, azure waters, and emerald canopies that stretch for miles.



Corcovado National Park is an undeniably beautiful place, considered to be one of the most important natural preserves in the Americas, this virgin rain forest park invites superlatives from all who visit. At least thirteen distinct vegetation types in close proximity, including mangroves, palm swamps and bloodweed forest make Corcovado a botanist's dream. Jaguars, giant anteaters, hundreds of white-lipped peccaries, tapers, and a host of rare rain forest animals inhabit the vast reaches surrounding the crocodile-filled lagoon at the park's center. The captivating visual beauty of its forest and of its coastline, with miles of uninhabited beaches and roaring cascades, draws visitors from all over the world.


Caño Island Biological Reserve, only 10 miles from Drake's Bay but a world apart from the mainland. Indians once used the island as a burial ground, however little is known about the pre-Columbian artifacts found there. Take advantage of the Reserve's clear blue waters and snorkel the coral reefs.

Caño Island has been rated by Skin Diver magazine as among the best in hot spots for adventure diving. Located off the southern tip of Costa Rica, this virgin area offers a variety of unique diving attractions, from 15 - 16' reefs to 80' "walls". "The Devil's Drop" for example, is a rock pile which begins at 40' and drops to as deep as 250'. Visibility is outstanding and rarely gets below 50'. The name of the game here is "SHARKS"! Lots of them (white-tips) ranging in size from 6-10' as well as sea turtles, dolphins, stingrays, morays, and huge snapper and grouper.

Caño Island

This could very well be Costa Rica's finest diving spot!

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