The American Chamber of Commerce in Costa Rica has highlighted these important reasons to invest in our country.

  • Costa Rica is the country with the greatest democratic, political, social and economic stability in Latin America. Therefore, it has been ranked above several countries from Eastern Europe, Far and Middle East, and the Caribbean.
  • The friendly and open manners of the Costa Ricans welcome foreign investors.
  • The high degree of literacy (more than 90%) places Costa Rica next to the most developed countries. There is a large pool of highly qualified professionals in the executive and supervisory level. Besides,there is a qualified workforce that can be hired and/or retrained in a short period of time.
  • Fiscal incentives in various fields stimulate exports.
  • The temperature, mild climate, educational level, and cultural environment offer favorable conditions to keep high standards of living and high work performance.
  • It is one of the countries with higher levels of production and low cost hydroelectric power per capita.
  • There is no army, nor any other warfare interests of any kind. Civilian and State Security is controlled by an efficient police corps which is outnumbered by teachers.
  • Air and sea domestic and international transportation systems are excellent. The Pan American Highway also links the country with North and Central America and Panama. Electronic facilities, including both satellite and microwave links are excellent.
  • There is no discrimination against nationality, race, religious belief, or political ideology.
  • Health care at State and Private hospitals vary from very good to truly excellent - and many doctors were trained in the U.S. In fact, San Jose is a noted center for international medical tourism - both for standard and cosmetic procedures.
  • Last but certainly not least is the fact that foreigners can legally own real estate in Costa Rica. With a few exceptions, such as owning a corporation that holds a lease on a state-owned shoreline property or owning real estate within 2 kilometers of either one of the borders, foreigners are not restricted in any way in holding property rights to land, shares, or any other form of private property. Foreigners enjoy the same degree of constitutional and legal protection as Costa Rican citizens.

The Legatum Prosperity Index, measuring wealth and well-being, places Costa Rica first in Latin America and 32nd in the world.

This index identifies nine key factors which measure economic development and personal well-being, which are in turn the key indicators of prosperity.

The following items were measured in every country: Economic fundamentals, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Democratic Institutionalism, Education, Health, Security, Governance, Personal Freedoms and Social Capital.

Source: Legatum Institute
Monday, October 26, 2009


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