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Quepos is well known by sport fishing enthusiasts. The blue water off this coast provides exceptional challenge and excitement for seasoned, as well as occasional, anglers. International bill fishing tournaments in these waters routinely tie and break world records.

Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the country and the most popular, with locals and foreigners alike. The hilly evergreen forest providing natural shade from the tropical sun lines two gorgeous white sand beaches sloping to the gentle surf. Several trails lead through dense jungle growth to hidden sandy coves and magnificent lookouts over the ocean and beaches.

Quepos, Costa Rica

Despite its small size and great popularity, Manuel Antonio has managed to remain one of the premiere nature spots in the country. The rain forest and mountains literally meet the sea here and the ecosystem is teeming with land, sea and air species. If there is one place to visit in this country and be assured of seeing animals in the wild, this is it. Just a couple of hours walking the park's trails are likely to present various colorful and majestic birds, white-faced monkeys, two and three-toed sloth, coatis, pacas, brilliantly colored land crabs, a variety of multihued butterflies, and interesting insects. The endangered squirrel monkey and a subspecies of the squirrel monkey endemic to Costa Rica are also frequently seen. In all, over 100 species of animals and nearly 200 species of birds have been identified in this park.

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

The area between Quepos & Manuel Antonio National Park has dozens of hotels and restaurants offering the visitor a wide variety of accommodations and dining choices.

Near Manuel Antonio is Jardin Gaia. Named three years ago as Costa Rica's first official Wildlife Rescue Center, it receives injured and confiscated animals and attempts to rehabilitate them for return to the wild.

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