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Costa Rica Vacation
Top Security Tips For Tourists

"Beware of the pickpockets" - that is the standard byline you get to see in the interior of every public transport. And why? Because travelers are the principle target of thieves. But more than regular passengers, the tourists undertaking a longer journey and lodging in foreign lands are a more easy prey. And take care, when we are talking about tourists we are not referring to petty pickpockets; their act is nothing short of 'luggage lifting'!

The holidayers, often in a relaxing, vacation mood forget to take adequate precaution against prying eyes. They tend to rely on the often faulty security measures offered by the hotels.

  1. Use ATM's that are located in well-lit and public areas.

  2. Mark your luggage with some distinguishing token to avoid intentional or unintentional exchanges.

  3. Make it a point to carry your most vital documents such as passports and other valuables in your carry-on.

  4. Avoid using your laptops while on the way. It can be a very tell-tale manner of revealing some essential personal information to peeping eyes. In case you must use it, make sure you use a privacy filter to shield any undesired leakages.

  5. Check on your voice pitch (in case you are a 'loud-speaker') while stepping into a hotel. Who knows but you might let out unawares much about yourself! Thieves might fake your name to get an easy access into your room. And you know the rest!

  6. When you check out of a hotel you must destroy all records of your personal information given during check in. This prevents any future risks to your security.

  7. While you are lodging in, make it clear with the hotel staffs to lock the door each time they leave. And if you by any chance want privacy, just request them to leave you alone for the time.

  8. Always be mentally prepared to escape from the site of trouble. For this you must be careful enough to take note of the exit points of the room/hall in the hotel you're in.

  9. And of course you must be extra cautious about your wallet. After all, pickpockets have universal access! Carry your money preferably in a money-belt under your clothes. Ladies must keep their money tucked close to their body. And don't carry all your money in a single place. In case you face a lift you can rely on the other sources.