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Rancho Humo is a private reserve of 2,640 acres located at the heart of a major conservation area, which includes Palo Verde National Park, Corral de Piedra wildlife refuge and others for a total surface of 61,800 acres. A place where wildlife thrives and roams freely in what is one of the few remaining true wilderness.

Thanks to the determination of a local family, Rancho Humo was transformed from a cattle farm into an international example of wetland rescue where you can experience numerous ecosystems: mangrove, wetlands, dry tropical rainforest, pastures, a large variety of flora and fauna including herons, black crowned night herons, hawks, ducks, roseate spoonbills, wood stork, and the largest and most exotic aquatic bird in Guanacaste: the Jabirú.


Aside from the captivating scenery, Rancho Humo is the hacienda that offers the culture of a traditional and picturesque town, Puerto Humo.
The project is envisioned to be a strong model for sustainable development both locally and internationally with a large emphasis in sustaining its natural surroundings.

Our daily tour will be immerse into the exuberant wildlife of Río Tempisque and Palo Verde National Park, Isla de Pájaros (Birds Island), Rancho Humo Reserve, Rancho Humo Lookout and the wetlands.


As our journey begins, you are welcomed by the spectacular flora and fauna of the mangrove and the tropical dry forest. A large transformation effort has been made to the wetlands that for years had been drained for farming purposes. Today, thanks to the use of proper water management techniques, these wetlands maintain water levels that enable them to develop and strengthen the ecosystem.

In the mighty Tempisque River, we board a boat that takes us to the heart of Palo Verde National Park, which has the most valuable wetland in Costa Rica.


Palo Verde national park, located in the low riverbank of the Tempisque River, is made up of an ecosystem of flooded plains, bordered by rivers and by a chain of limestone fiords. Palo Verde is one of the places with the highest biodiversity in the country; there are approximately 15 different habitats, as a result of the varied topography that includes flooded areas, drainages, and the influence of tides.

Among the habitats, there are wetlands, lagoons and fresh and salt water swamps. These ecosystems have been declared world priority by the Ramsar Conference.  In addition, you can see mangroves, pastures, small forests across the plains, tropical dry forests, flooded forests, and evergreen forests.


The small Bird Island, located in the estuarine system of the Tempisque, has a size of approximately 2.5 hectares, of sedimentary formation, resulting in the gradual accumulation of lose material formed by fine sands, muds and organic matter in decomposition.  The flora is made up mainly of mangroves, which include the black and salty mangrove, and some isolated samples of “horseman” mangrove.

This island is of vital importance for the species of wading birds in the country.  It is also the most important nesting site in the country and Central America for species such as:  íbises, herons, storks, spoonbills, gulls, and cormorants.


A sophisticated canal system maintains ideal water levels to preserve and develop the ecosystem.

Wetlands are areas where water is the main element controlling the environment and the flora and fauna connected to it. The Rancho Humo plains are naturally flooded each rainy season, to then partially dry out during the summer. Wetlands are rich in fish, crustaceans and other species, which are part of the food chain, causing constant life movement.

Unfortunately, most wetlands have disappeared from the country due to human activity. Rancho Humo has worked diligently to restore the natural balance of the site.


Farm Experience

One day tour takes you through a cattle ranch where 800 hectares of wetlands have been restored, and it's the home dozens of bird species. Guanacaste has gained fame among tourists who love the sun and the beach, but this province is more than a coast.

The natural beauty of the tropical dry forest characterizes Guanacaste, where the influence of major rivers such as Tempisque, has created, through the effect of tides, large areas of wetlands where a hughe wildlife find its habitat, here at Hacienda Rancho Humo in Nicoya. This is an unique opportunity to get to know the real Guanacaste.

Ranch Humo it is no longer exclusively a cattle ranch, but you can live in the flesh the traditional farm activities of Guanacaste.






- Liberia - Rancho Humo WetLands - Complete Tour: $115.00



- Liberia - Rancho Humo WetLands Experience: $90.00


- Rancho Humo - Tempisque - Palo Verde Experience: $75.00

Rancho Humo - Tempisque - Palo Verde Experience - Puente de la Amistad: $95.00


- Liberia - Tempisque – Palo Verde Experience: $100.00


  • Bilingual Naturalist guide.
  • Lunch
  • First class transportation (ground and boat)

Rancho Humo tour is a great way to experience Guanacaste Wetlands!

For reservations use our Secure Booking Form or for further information about
Rancho Humo One Day Tour Click Here
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