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Arenal Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

To attach yourself to the bungee cord and jump from a 40-meter height, why not? It is to overcome fear, to feel how your heart rate increases in every bounce.

It is just a matter of getting close to a natural force we ignore every day: gravity!


Feel how life flows through your body in an activity that generates more adrenaline than any other!

Don’t worry our highest safety standards will keep you safe

The only problem bungee has is that it is addictive. Arenal Bungee gives you different possibilities to harness your body: ankles or the entire body. If you are even looking for more excitement, try water immersion!.


Water touchdowns, or "Diving bungee"

Are you looking for more exciting adventures?

Unique in the country, Arenal Bungee gives you the possibility of a water immersion while bungee jumping.

Costa Rican tropical sun, the majestic Arenal Volcano roaring in front of you, a free fall…an experience that ends with a refreshing immersion in crystalline waters, it's pure adrenaline!

The most exciting adventure you will have during your trip to La Fortuna. It's just instinct. We cannot fight against nature.

All your body pushes you to jump…and when you finally do it, you really know what gravity feels like!


The Big Swing

Unique in the country. This is the real one!

A 26-meter free fall; a total 48-meter arch and a 180° angle will make you think again about what a children swing is!

Before the adventure starts, you are equipped with a special safety harness that allows you to take your start position. We will raise you over 26 meters, and then we will send you to enjoy the adventure!

Not even Newton with his great imagination could have imagined so many possibilities to enjoy the Earth's magnetic force, he himself named gravity! It's just gravity! Enjoy it.


Rocket Launcher

Also Unique in the country

It is one of the most original ways of enjoying life. The catapult will launch your from the ground to the sky at an incredibly fast speed.

It will speed you up from 0 to 100 km/hour in less than 3 seconds.

Then you will enjoy some bounces as in a traditional bungee. The sensation of flying had never been so close! No description could give you a clear idea of the Arenal Bungee experience!

There are forces that cannot be controlled nor defeated, so we just have to learn to enjoy them!

There's no way out! Just let gravity guide you to the most powerful feeling of freedom in the planet!


Night Jumps

In the dark, yes, there is still more!!

Experience the adrenaline of a jump in the dark, it will require extra courage to jump into the void, are you up for the challenge?


Package 1
Full Adrenaline

4 Activities - $100
Add $15: DVD Video

Package 2
Triple X

3 Activities - $85
Add $15: DVD Video

Package 3
Double Challenge

2 Activities - $70
Add $15: DVD Video

Package 4
Nuts Only

2 Days - $180
Unlimited activities & products
Add $15: DVD Video



What's included?:
Transport from La Fortuna Hotels area, bilingual guides, certified equipment by the North American Bungee Asociation.

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