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Monteverde Country Lodge is Hotel Poco a Poco´s fully renovated sister property. It compresses their philosophy, experience and desire to create a new lodging option where tradition and personalized service are the most appealing features.


The lodge offers the basic comforts of modern establishments with the rusticity, refinement and concepts of the Monteverde from 20/ 25 years ago.

16 wooden, warm and comfortable standard rooms, guarded by front corridors on both, lower and higher levels, surrounding a patio full of fountains and gardens full of colour; provide the ideal location for relaxation and enjoyment. Cable tv, wireless internet access, laptops and a fully equipped meeting room are also available for those who want to stay in touch. .


Guests have access to the temperated water indoor pool as well as the new Nova Piel Spa at Poco a Poco. In this way; without disrupting the tranquil atmosphere at Country Lodge, we are able to provide high quality services for the guests, yet offering very reasonable and competitive rates.


The ambience is inspired from the most harmonious lodging model from the earliest years of Monteverde. Construction materials, techniques; and regular operation procedures are compatible with the environmentally friendly practices of our times, as well as accessibility, security and new standards of comfort, quality and service.


The well trained personnel cater for the satisfaction of the guests at all times. Clients interact with dedicated, informative, capable hotel representatives willing to assist and provide the best service possible.


Whether in the restaurant, where quality, homemade style and fresh ingredients are combined to delight you with our exquisite touch, or at the bar, with a friendly, familiar atmosphere where the guests can enjoy the warm hospitality and amenities.

At Monteverde Country Lodge they strive to provide attractive and significant added values for the visitors.


RATES 2014

Single or double
Classic $85.00
Superior $98.00
Extra person (Breakfast Included) $20.00

RATES 2015

Single or double
Classic $85.00
Superior $110.00
Extra person (Breakfast Included) $20.00
  • Rates include welcome cocktail.
  • Rates include breakfast.
  • Rates do not include local taxes (13%).
  • Unlimited WiFi use.
  • Rates are subject to change without previous notice.
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