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Attractions in the area:

Calypso Island Cruise - Gulf of Nicoya (Isla Tortuga) Cruise among the islands of the Gulf of Nicoya. Disembark on scenic Isla Tortuga with its white sand beach and crystal clear waters for a special barbecue lunch of fresh seafood, white wine, and live music. Spend the remainder of the day snorkeling, sea kayaking, or just relaxing in the sun.

Carara National Park - "Place of the Crocodiles", a protected transition forest that is home to an unbelievable diversity of plants and animals. Carara is also considered a sanctuary of the rare and beautiful Scarlet Macaw.

Iguana Park "Canopy Tour" - The "Canopy Tour" is situated in the primary jungle area and is about a 40 minute hike from the tourist center. The tour consists of three platforms, 2 traverses and a rappel. The climate at Iguana Park is very warm and usually humid. This is a tropical transition forest between the dry lowland forests of the north and the wet rain forests of the south and is therefore rich in biodiversity, both plants and animals. Shorts and t-shirts are recommended as well as a change of clothes since there are shower facilities at the park.

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