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Caribbean Coast Attractions

Braulio Carillo National Park - One of Costa Rica's largest and most diverse national parks, the 45,000 hectares stretch from the 8,000 foot Barva Volcano to near sea level on the Caribbean side. You can enjoy spectacular views and hikes through the forest in a region that although close to San Jose is wild and well preserved. Lying in one of the steepest areas of the country, Braulio Carillo is mainly constituted by high mountains heavily blanketed with thick, lively forests, rushing rivers that carve through steep canyons and a myriad of waterfalls.

The Rain Forest Aerial Tram - only 45 minutes away from San Jose is located in a 1000 acre private reserve of virgin rain forest that borders Braulio Carillo National Park, one of the most biologically diverse parks chest canopy communities in the world. This unique experience consists of an aerial excursion through the rain forest canopy, home to two-thirds of all rain forest species, accompanied by local guides. (The guide training program is designed to provide locals with new work opportunities which protect the natural environment).

EARTH University - a tropical agricultural research center with students from all over Latin America, includes a rain forest reserve, medicinal herb garden, banana plantation and processing, and recycled paper-making plant.

Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge - offers ample wildlife viewing opportunities in its' network of canals, lagoons, lakes, and lowland forests.

Cahuita National Park - Protects a well developed coral reef and is one of the most visited parks in the Caribbean coast. Aside from the howler monkeys and sloths in the tropical rai forest, you can see angel fish and brain coral in the water. As in Manuel Antonio Park in the mid-Pacific region, Cahuita is excellent for both land and water activities.

Hitoy - Cerere Biological Reserve - If you want to get away from the crowds and into nature hiking, then this is for you. The park itself is 9,050 hectares and protects a wet tropical forest that is beautiful year-round. The wildlife is plentiful and includes the margay, peccaries, and monkeys. Bird life is also abundant.


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