Valeria Barles

Tell me about yourself and your experience in the travel industry?

My dad is from the Philippines and my mom is Costa Rican, so basically I grew up in an environment of two cultures. Growing up, the majority of my friends were foreigners, giving me the pleasure to experience new traditions, cultures and ideals. This lead me to open up and share my country and my culture not only to my friends but people that I have met along my life. Tourism is an industry where you can exploit your country’s benefits and meet great people along the way. I’ve been exploring the tourism sector for 3 years and been working in it for almost 2 years.


What is your position at Rain Forest Tours?

Travel Agent, providing customer service, itinerary planning and follow ups.

What do you love most about your job?

I love the fact that we don’t sell pre-packaged tours, because according to the customer’s needs and preferences, I can plan the best itinerary that fits their needs and interests.

What do you love most about Costa Rica, what makes this destination special?

Everything! Costa Rica has so many things to offer. From beautiful beaches, to beautiful mountains and rivers. Not to mention our Rain Forests, volcanoes, the nature, and our so very special people that live here. Its so peaceful, yet so wonderful to live here. So many things to do in such a small country

What travel advice do you have for our clients on Costa Rica?

Plan your trip to Costa Rica with no fear. Adventure is the best activity to plan with us. The bigger the risk, the better the compensation.

What's your favorite Costa Rican dish?

You must try our Caribbean Rice and Beans. The Costa Rican Caribbean dishes usually include coconut milk and spices like ginger and curry. Grated coconut is used in many deserts and cakes. The patí is a spicy meat pie resembling a turnover. They also combine their plates with plantains, breadfruit, peppers and spices. So different from Costa Rican typical food and so delicious.

What's your favorite tourist attraction in all of Costa Rica?

Other than the beaches, from both the Atlantic and Pacific Coast, my favorite spot to visit is Volcán Barva, such great memories.