Marcela Aguilar

Tell me about yourself and your experience in the travel industry?

It is a beautiful experience, that allows me to learn all about the many different parts of my country.  Also, it allows me to learn about people from different countries and their cultures.


What is your position at Rain Forest Tours?

Vacation Consultant

Tell me about your job and how long have you been with the company?

I have been with Rain Forest Tours for 3 years now assisting clients with their vacation plans to Costa Rica.

What do you love most about your job?

To assist our clients with their vacation plans so that their stay in Costa Rica is wonderful and memorable!

What do you love most about Costa Rica, what makes this destination special?

That it’s a lush country with many attractive tourist destinations - from great volcano landscapes, lakes, forests, and beaches.  There’s a mixture between flora and Costa Rica fauna, which truly makes it that special place! The options that we present/display vary from one day tours to weekend strolls. We invite you to learn about all these wonderful within Costa Rica.

What travel advice do you have for our clients on Costa Rica?

To be selective and to do your homework on the travel agency that you choose (and hopefully you select Rain Forest Tours!)  A travel agency with many years of experience is key!

What's your favorite Costa Rican dish?

Gallo Pinto and natella with scrambled eggs & chorreada

What's your favorite tourist attraction in all of Costa Rica?

Manuel Antonio National Park.